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About Me

Welcome to Alison McGregor Ceramics, where my passion for clay comes to life. With decades of experience, I specialise in using handbuilding methods that allow me to be creative and experimental with my designs. 

As a ceramic artist with an added background in textiles, I have a deep appreciation for the interplay of texture, colour and form which is reflected in my pieces. As a result, I create tactile surfaces in the pieces that add an extra layer of depth and beauty but also feel good to touch and hold.

My stoneware ceramics is created with the modern home in mind, offering a range of functional pieces that are perfect for everyday use. From mugs and bowls to vases and ceramics gifts, each item is made with attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and with variations in colour and texture that add character and beauty.


The Studio


My studio is where I spend my days creating. Each day is different and I love the variety of tasks that come with being a potter, whether it's exploring new techniques or perfecting my tried and tested methods. From mugs and bowls to decorative pieces, the satisfaction of creating something unique from conception to completion and it becoming a part of someone's daily routine is truly rewarding. And let's not forget the excitement and slight trepidation of opening the kiln and seeing the completed ceramics in their full, vibrant colours. It's a wonderful feeling!

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